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In its purest form, music is transformative. It brings people together and changes the way we see the world. At J-Love Entertainment & Productions, LLC, of Jacksonville, Florida, we understand the power of music. Based on the knowledge and expertise of our owner and founder, performer Jeremy "J-Love" Merriweather, we provide attentive music production services to enhance your songwriting and help you prepare your work for a wider audience. By combining our passion for music with your own, we can achieve greatness. Reach out to us today to discuss your production needs.

About J-Love

Jeremy "J-Love" Merriweather is a gifted musician from Jacksonville, Florida. His versatile beats transcend encompass everything from hip-hop and rap to country, rock, jazz, and gospel. He founded J-Love Entertainment & Productions, LLC, based on his lifelong love of music. Jeremy has had a passion for listening to and making music since he was young. He now puts his musical talents to good use, providing our clients with superb production services. 

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